How would it feel to know exactly how much work needs to be done to put money in your pocket, run your business and achieve your dream goals?

Many business owners can achieve a much more efficient and effective business by developing better goals, setting clear and concise targets and creating regular business actions to achieve brilliant success

David Shire

Setting Brilliant Targets

Setting Brilliant Targets is a series of one on one sessions with you as a business owner to work on your business to develop better goals, work out concise business targets that suit your business and goals and finally develop key business actions to work towards the success you are wanting.

Together we work through 6 key steps to working out the targets you need for your business to be able to pay yourself first, run your business efficiently and develop key strategies around marketing and sales for the next 12 months

Take better actions for your business

Feel more in control of where you are taking your business

You get:

  • 3 one on one sessions of 90 mins
  • 3 months access to the Brilliant Strategy Portal to record and document your business strategy
  • Clear and concise targets for brilliant business success
  • Key actions and activities to work on